About us

We have made it our mission to make all aspects of QHSE easier to understand, implement and sustain.

Who are we?

The story of Qhub

A shared frustration

Qhub started with a shared frustration between Quality professionals. After searching for a product that could…

  • Move a business into the digital world
  • Improve compliance
  • Be flexible enough to allow businesses to work in a way unique to them
Our co-founders realised there wasn’t a product on the market that could do everything, the way they wanted.
And so it began…
Building a new way of working

Qhub was designed in a way to ensure that it could be the one stop shop for QHSE needs. But the way we achieve this is totally unique. We decided to create a platform with compliance features built in, but still allow people to create things like forms and processes totally customised for their needs. 

How are we helping?
Reduction in admin time
NCR response time reduced
Compliance tasks on time