Application report

This page provides information on significant events and down time reports.

System status

Recent key events

24.02.2024 - Server move

We moved to a London based server for improved application security and increased performance.

Application downtime events 2024

24.02.2024 - Planned downtime

Between 17:00 - 21:00 (GMT) - Planned down time for essential service maintenance.

04.06.2024 - Unstable network

Issue - became unstable due to an abnormal peak in server load.

Detected - 10:41 GMT

Fixed - 10:58

  • Server upgrade completed
  • Upgraded server logs for improved diagnostics.

Confirmation of fix - being monitored

Investigation and correction -

  • Investigation underway of server logs and sever watchdog reports being reviewed
  • Review of all server request points to reassess and mitigate risks 
11.03.2024 - Unplanned down time

Issue - A production database fault prevented users logging in.

Detected - 11:50 GMT

Fixed - 12:06 GMT 

Confirmation of fix - 12:10 GMT

Investigation and correction - The error has been rectified and policies updated to prevent faults of this type reoccurring on production database.

24.02.2024 - Planned downtime

Between 10:00 GMT  -  10:45 GMT the application was not available in order to move servers.