3 Secrets to passing your next Audit

Before we get into it, lets just make it plain and simple, there are no secrets to passing an audit, and if there are, we don’t have them.

Instead, what we do have are a few simple and effective tips and techniques that will help you put your best foot forward.

It’s often credited to Benjamin Franklin, the truth is much of it comes down to preparation. Because if you “fail to prepare, then prepare to fail”.  

So here’s our 3 useful tips to how to prepare well for your next ISO Audit.

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1. Conduct Effective Internal Audits

Audit your documentation.

  • Does all documentation have issue and doc references 
  • Is everyone using the latest issue?
  • Are records complete


Audit your Procedures

  • Do you really say what you do?
  • Do you really do what you say?
  • Are people aware of what you say you do and are they working in line with it?

Audit your Processes

  • Can you demonstrate you are doing something against each ISO clause?
  • Are people aware of what should be done or is being done to comply?

Audit your customers

  • Are you aware of what your customers require of you?
  • Can you demonstrate you have effective controls in place?
  • Do you do what they ask you to do? Can you prove it?

2. Give it a month

Set a date at least 1 month before your next external Audit and plan an all hands on deck meeting. 

Compliance is everyone’s responsibility, so it makes sense to include everyone in ensuring you are as prepared as possible for your upcoming audit.

What’s the purpose of the meeting? 

To get the buy in and support that you need to get things done! As with every business, we all have good intentions. Before you know it though, those good intentions are still stuck on a meeting report somewhere with lots of good ideas and very little to show about what’s been done about them. 

That needs to change!

Don’t get us wrong. This isn’t a mop up meeting. 

This is to make changes for the better. 

Prior to the meeting, make 


Give it a month

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