A Flexible cloud based management system

Qhub is easy to use, powerful and covers all your business and compliance needs.

How does it work?

The platform has various modules we call hubs. Each hub is like a mini application, that provides tools for specific activities.

Build processes, create forms
and manage audits in one place.

Create bespoke process flows and build forms to digitise your business, or use our industry templates. 

Ensure everyone is working the right way

No need to worry about the right information or tasks being carried out in the right order. Build a form or process for your business to follow, analyse times, and build KPIs from any data you record! 

Compliance built in at every point

Whatever you are building, a process, form or audit, each hub has standard features that help ensure your business stays compliant. Features such as prefixes, version control and history make it easy for you to demonstrate compliance. 

Manage, control and create documents for your QMS

The doc.hub allows you to manage your QMS unlike any other system. With built in change management automations and a simple user interface, we make it easy to keep on top of reviews and approvals.

Link your documents together

Our unique link system allows you to highlight text or a whole document and link it to other documents. Making it easy for anyone reading the document to simply click the link and see what the linked text or file is.

Save time by keeping it simple with Areas

We believe keeping it simple is always the best way to manage your business. Using doc areas you can easily assign access, control who can review and approve documents in the area, and even apply rules to the area – such as document pre-approvals. 

Use the hubs to manage your business and bring information together

For to long, businesses use static spread sheets, where information is locked away and doesn’t drive action. It can also be complicated to visulise.

Automate the easy way and save serious time

Across the platform we have built user friendly interfaces for you to build custom automations. This reduces the chance of mistakes, reduces response times, and improves compliance.

Make it easy to see the right information

Using kip.hub dashboards or work.hub, bring information together and make it visual. Using the work.hub you can also create spaces that allow different departments or teams to organise. 

What can I use Qhub for ?

So many things! Qhub is extremely flexible, but here’s a few examples…

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